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PARENT: Did You Know Your 100% Parental Influence Expires?

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July 10, 2019

PARENT: Did You Know Your 100% Parental Influence Expires?

*To my mind, the word influence could connote an action as innocent as ‘impact’, or mean as stringent as ‘control.’ 
*It could become as abused as to ‘induce’ or even to ‘blackmail’!
*I see influence as that literal capacity to use power or the capacity to give power to others i.e. empower them. 
*One of the greatest areas of influence that I have found is in parenting children. 
*In fact, everything would matter here… things spoken or not.
*Like raw materials, having no personal opinion or say, children arrive on your laps, trusting absolutely in your judgment – wapped or sound! 
*John Maxwell would have us believe that leadership is influence … I therefore would infer that parenting is equally influence! 
*And, as applicable to all forms of leadership, in parenting, influence can dwindle or soar. 
*Another fact is that every parent begins the journey having 100% parental influence… whether they realised it or not; abused it or used it.!
*So, why are you trying use parental influence to achieve with your young adult what you didn’t or couldn’t when he/she was a tot!
*When your child was a #tot, you wielded #total influence!
*What did you do with your initial 100% stake then? 
*As in stakeholdership, parental influence is fully owned at the beginning, it gets given up gradually until it is wholly taken over. 
*On the long run, what you will be left with is what the child decides to give you access to! 
*Stop generating pressure, stop fighting for relevance, quit struggling to do with your now 25% or 10% or 5% privileged influence what you could have done when you had it all!
*You want your parental influence to be forever treasured? Use it well!

More… Soonest … Getting you set for the discourse at the National Character Parenting Summit 2019.

HAPPY SUNDAY. Happy Father’s Day Dad, still very influential!

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