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March 14, 2019


*I recall the sessions of ‘ENDURANCE TREK’ that I saw soldiers undergo as a little girl at the Ikeja Army Cantonment.
*Soldiers, usually in their 100s, in a beautiful and orderly arrangement, go on predetermined long walk along major roads and at times, highways, chanting songs with high excitement.
*It was always a beautiful sight for me to see what appeared like they ‘feeling comfy with endurance’!
*It might interest you to note that the character virtue – Endurance, wins many of life’s races.
*It still does in the 21st Century and will in the advanced, fast paced generations ahead of us all! It’s a decision, not just a gift!
*In marriage for instance, the lack of it has resulted in a significant percent of divorces and separations, leaving huge consequences in their trail.
*In fact, many say marriage was not designed to be endured but to only be enjoyed.
*Well, I don’t pose to be a marriage counsellor here, however if you see any admirable couple around, who have logged in more than 10years together, please interview them.
*Look, endurance is not necessarily the art of continuing doggedly with what you don’t love, it is actually continuing with what you love in spite of surmountable obstacles!
*My advice then: don’t add to the tally of failed homes and destines! Hold the two cards – ENJOY and ENDURE.. learn to endure what you enjoy.
*It’s a requirement for every successful person.
*Don’t botch your dream, hang in there a bit more; you’ll invariably build better muscles.
*Wish you the best, people.

I’m Bosede Olusola-Obasa, a value-adding Nigerian.

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