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March 12, 2019


*Leadership is influence, so says John C. Maxwell.
*I would love to say that influence is the capacity to inspire, motivate or affect people’s positions and dispositions.
*Leadership is great and desirable for many people.
*However, if given the chance to choose which should come first between leadership and character which would you get first?
*Which should come first: Leadership or Character?
*How much can you make of leadership without character?
*In this context, I refer to character as the staying power in leadership.
*Did you know that you can lose leadership influence to the lack of or poor character?
*Did you know that character development is a life long sign on that has no graduation day?
*Did you know that leadership becomes short lived without commensurate character to back it up?
*Did you know that leadership roles ultimate expose your character deficits and inadequacies?
*Since leadership is desirable, then it seldom falls suddenly on people.
*So, while jostling for leadership, why don’t you consolidate on building a foundation for strength of character right where you are?
*That could avoid adding your name to the ever growing list of “people who once had influence”.

I’m Bosede Esther Olusola-Obasa.
I’m excited about adding value to you.

Please register for our upcoming LEADERSHIP CHARACTER COURSES

*Module 1: Comes up in April.
*Module 2: Comes up in June.
*Three consecutive Saturdays.
*Four classes each Saturday.
*9am – 3pm.
*A total of 12 courses in each Module.
*Case studies.
*Break out sessions practicals.
*Seasoned facilitators.
*Networking over lunch.
*Venue: The Boardroom, PERTINENCE Place, Akowonjo, Lagos.
*Fee: N10,000 only!
*08170579767 for inquiries.

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