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July 10, 2017


Theme: Nation Building: The Economic Clause Vs. Deliberate Parenting


The 1st Royal Character & Values Limited (RCV), a social capital development and management company, warmly welcomes all guests to this positive defining moment.

This is the National Character-Parenting Summit 2016! Where, among other things, we showcase successful career parents, who share the vision of raising well-groomed future leaders and model same.

As you already know, there are several areas of interests in parenting, but here today, we have converged to discuss and proffer solutions to issues relating to character building for children, using parents as the launch pad.

The quality of every nation is a direct reflection of the quality of her citizens and the quality of her citizens is determined primarily by the quality of the families they come from and the quality of the families depends on the quality of parents.

Take every family unit out of Nigeria and all you will have left is a geographical space.

So parents are crucial to the quality of nation that we build. But how well do parents recognise their importance and the huge responsibility of nation building that rests on their shoulders?

Have you ever asked who the parents of these are: the armed robber, whose job it is to deprive his fellow citizens of their possessions; the hired assassin, who takes the life of another and gets paid; the political thugs, who fuels unrest during elections; the terrorist, who masterminds bombings and destructions; the vandal, who vandalizes national installations; the ‘savvy’ fraudster, who swindles unsuspecting fellow citizens; the kidnapper, who abducts and tortures the young and aged to make a living; the thieving politicians, who appropriates the commonwealth to gain personal security; the corrupt captain of industry, who supervises the cooking of accounting books, thus diverting shareholders’ funds and sinking the hard-earned investment of hapless Nigerians; the manipulating judicial officer within the temple of justice; the compromised lecturer and teacher, who robs Peter to pay Paul?

Aren’t they all products of parents?

Did you know that corruption is not like the proverbial “thief in the night?” No, it is the result of a near total collapse in family, community and national values.

A man doesn’t necessarily steal because he is hungry; he steals because he lacks sufficient stamina to stand for the values of probity and integrity.

It is said that “If you cannot stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

For instance, there has been an outcry over the fall in our financial fortunes as a nation, but did you know that lack of character actually brought us to this point?

There is a need for a character re-orientation and it must begin from our homes built on role model parents.

If the finest convergence of financial wizards helps to revive the Nigerian economy, the blessing may not be sustained except we make character orientation a national project.

So as an organisation we say: Let the bill boards shout it loud. Let the media focus on it. Let the education ministries include it as main courses in our school curriculum. Let the judiciary play her role through leaving by examples. Let our society emphasis reward for character driven pursuits and achievements. Let the government policies make working lighter for career parents so they can play their roles properly.

RCV hereby calls on the National Orientation Agency to stir every Nigerian to turn a new leaf and follow the new thinking. We need character orientation to begin at home, then in the offices, in government, in schools and all.

This year’s summit stresses the need for parents to be deliberate about this great responsibility and we have a rich line up of discussants to do justice to that.

You can afford to leave the role to chance because whatever is left to chance does not stand any chance.

Dear parents, please not that no one can improve on the parenting process you didn’t initiate – not even good schools, church etc.

Deliberate parenting yields better results than assumed or default parenting.

Parenting for character integration must be intentional and deliberate.

Deliberate parenting is more thoughtful, intentional, strategic, invested, engaged and wise parenting style.

In the words of Sonya Shafer, “Average parents follow the crowd, intentional parents pursue the goal.” – (intentionalparenting.com)

Deliberate parenting however remains incomplete without parents modeling what they preach.

Every parent here must leave here today with the new thinking that sees parenting as a national responsibility.

Welcome to the Moment of Decisions.


Delivered by Mrs. Bosede Olusola-Obasa,

Convener and CEO,

1st Royal Character & Values Limited

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2016


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