We began this last week, here is the continuation. Always glad to add value to you.

*I must state the fact that I don’t teach customer retention attitudes from the standpoint of a seller or marketer, it’s purely from the customer’s point of view.

*If you won’t love to be wrongly treated as a customer, why do you think your customers would?
*You must see your customer or prospects from a more personal view point!
*It all begins with seeing through the customer’s eyes.
*Yes, remember that he pays the bills.
*Today’s customer wants an amazing experience – something to ruminate on long after business is done.
*People are really hurting, your business could become a haven for customers if they usually feel better about life or selves after every transaction with you!
*Ever wondered what keep a person returning to a particular local food or liquor vendor?
*It’s because it has become an experience they look forward to and crave.
*And don’t you dare stop once you start this relationship – be consistent and soon, you have an army of unsolicited referrals and marketers on the field for your brand. Insist on quality and excellence.
*The race to HAVE the customer’s attention is at an all time high – unfortunately, the race to HOLD the customer doesn’t seem as fierce – that’s the attitude gap.
*My candid advice? – Keep the negative attitude backdoor of your business CLOSED!
*Your system and structure should create the positive attitudes ‘mould’ for workers to fit into – especially on how to relate with or treat your publics – especially the customer.
*Take a cursory and regular view of your operational models, always seek ways of giving more to the customer than the goods and services you actually render!
*Get everyone in your team involved!
*No impulsive measures, all intentional and GENUINE!

I’m Bosede Olusola-Obasa and I am excited about #addingvalue to your business.

Have a greeeeeaat week.

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