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March 22, 2019


*When a relationship is crucial, having great implications for the parties involved, it is usually established by a object of ‘initiation’.
*For instance, marriage involves taking of vows, that’s the sacred element for that institution!
*Same goes for coming into a political office, which usually involves taking of ‘the oath’.
*Just as marital vows are potent, based on ‘the will to uphold it’, the oath of office also requires the commitment of a public office holder.
*Unfortunately, it would seem like many soon forget about the oath taken moments before entering the office!
*If only public office holders would value and decide to adhere to the oath of office and allegiance.
*If only all persons, who eventually make it into one office or another through the ongoing electioneering processes, would stay true to their words as contained in the oath of office.
*If only people would grow their moral strength to pay true allegiance to the electorate and federation.
*Oh! If especially my fellow Christians, who’d need to swear by the bible, would revere, cherish and honour those moments as they soon commence their tenures.
*If only we realised that vows and oaths are NEVER EMPTY rites to be preformed; that they never leave the persons involved the same way.
*People will always pay for going against whatever they swore to uphold. 
*This, I believe, is the unwitting spiritual dimension to our politics. 
*Let’s me guided, it is Character to honour a vow or an oath!

*My best wishes in advance to those who may have won or lost the elections.
*For those who have lost, rejoice because you are free from the ‘debts of the oath’!

I’m Bosede Olusola-Obasa.
I’m helping you think about actions and consequences…

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